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I still contend it is -wh- , not -hw-, the -w- being a
vowel (hence its name, double u), unstressed, often
unvoiced, before the -h-.  Being a native Utahn and
Utah resident for 90% of my life (so far), it should
be intersting to read David's research on this.  [I do
not put an -h- in -weird-, there is no -h- in -weird-,
it's pronounced (ou)eared.]

--- David Bowie <db.list at PMPKN.NET> wrote:

> From:    Wilson Gray <hwgray at GMAIL.COM>
> > Tonight, on a TV cartoon show, "Family Man," I
> think that it was, the
> > characters kicked around the [hw-] v. lw]
> pronunciations, with one of
> > the [hw-]-speaking characters jokingly noting
> that, e.g. [wip] in
> > place of [hwip] sounded "wheird" [hwird].
> > [wip] in place of [hwip] doesn't sound "wheird,"
> but it does sound
> > weird. Well not really, though I'm a [hw-]
> speaker.
> It makes sense that Stewie would use the hw, though,
> since that's
> apparently marked now in American English, and his
> speech is nothing if
> not marked.
> When this episode first aired, i was in the middle
> of finishing up my
> part of my ADS paper presentation which dealt with
> <ta-da!> (h)w in
> Utah. The timing was very hweird.
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