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"Iron Work" means that?? All right, I dare any one of you to come down
and visit me in Austin, Texas. We'll have some great barbecue at the
Iron Works BBQ (http://www.ironworksbbq.com/). Great stuff.
Frank X. Tolbert mentioned this sandwich in print six times. What is
the French name for it?
29 May 1971, Dallas (TX) Morning News, "Notes on Port Arthur's
Crawfish Festivities" by Frank X. Tolbert, section A, pg. 23:
A. J. JUDICE JR. and his sons operate The French Market at 3005 7th
Street in Port Arthur,...
The No. 1 chef at The French Market is A.J.'s mother, Mrs. Lazeri
Judice, known as "Larry" because some Texans have trouble putting the
right accent on her Christian name. Mrs. Judice is the inventor of
something called the "coon's posterior hot dog" (to slightly edit the
real title of the sandwich). This is a spicy mixture of crawfish
tails, crabmeat, and shrimp cooked in boon companionship and then
stuffed into a loaf of French bread.
It's a poem of a sandwich, I was told.
19 July 1971, Dallas (TX) Morning News, "'Crazy Frenchman' Took Big
Gamble" by Frank X. Tolbert, section A, pg. 19:
And A. J.'s mamma, Mrs. Lazeri Judice will serve you boudain, a Cajun
version of sausage, or a "pirogue" sandwich, or another sandwich
called, to phrase it politely, "coon's derrier". The sandwiches are
usually a loaf of French bread stuffed with the spicy meat of crawfish
tails, crabmeat, and shrimp.
22 July 1972, Dallas (TX) Morning News, "About Crab Fishing on Port
Arthur Quay" by Frank X. Tolbert, section A, pg. 15:
And they had hundreds of pounds of big snappers for sale that morning
in The French Market, where you can also buy delicious cajun food,
cooked by his (A.J.'s) mother, Mrs. Lazare Judice, including a big
sandwich made of crab, shrimp, and crayfish meat called a "coon's
posterior hamburger," although that is only an approximation of the
title of the noble sandwich within a whole loaf of French bread.
4 February 1973, Dallas (TX) Morning News, "'Dirty Rice' Favored in
Texas Cajun Town" by Frank X. Tolbert, section A, pg. 37:
The delicatessen also serves huge sandwiches with unique names such as
"pirogue" and "coon's derriere," the last a polite description of the
real title of the sandwich. Usually these noble sandwiches consist of
a loaf of French bread stuffed with various fresh produce of the
Judice fishing boats such as the spicy meat of crayfish tails, shrimp,
and crabmeat.
27 March 1973, Dallas (TX) Morning News, "Girls Crabbing to Save on
the Grocery Bills" by Frank X. Tolbert, section A, pg. 21:
Mrs. Salonge Dumatrait Broussard, the cook at the original Judice
French Market on 7th Street, specializes in such take-out Cajun
entrees as "dirty rice" and boudain sausage and noble sandwiches one
called "coon's derriere," or something like that.
28 December 1975, Dallas (TX) Morning News, "Strange Creature from
Sabine Lake" by Frank X. Tolbert, section A, pg. 41:
THE FRENCH MARKET, a seafood bazaar in Port Arthur, serves take-out
Louisiana Cajun style food including a noble sandwich with crayfish,
shrimp and crab meat between a whole loaf of French bread. This is
called a "coon's posterior hamburger." That's not exactly the title of
the sandwich but it is as close as I can safely recite it in a family
And the French Market cooks could compose a "coon's posterior
hamburger" by just adding crab meat to that of the hybrid.

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