Eggcorn? Don't backmouth me

Mark Peters markpeters33 at YAHOO.COM
Thu Nov 1 19:34:17 UTC 2007

I was listening to an Arrested Development commentary and David Cross used the word "backmouth" to describe Jason Bateman's asshole.

  I started searching, and "backmouth" has some hits for that meaning, but it also seems to be used as a very logical combination of "backtalk" and "badmouth":

  Just because you're a "teenager" does not mean that you get to backmouth your parents. *shakes head* What is going on with today's youth?

  What are all yours mjno membernames, if you're gonna backmouth me, then say it to me, this is insane, you do NOT know me and you've got NO right to go and backmouth me, this suppose to be a DECENT MJ community and any harrassment that other people are facing is just discriminating, please be aware of that.

  I have watched you backmouth me with snide remarks in your Ausbattlefields clique , but out of decency have held back from putting you back in your place... but alas no more...

  Men will get in a knock-down drag-out where women would more likely backmouth you, or spread nasty rumours of you being 'jealous' to avoid their own labeling as such.


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