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That's a crappie vowel movement if I ever smelled one.  Some people I know make a vowel movement every day.  Must be some kind of inner urge. ;)

Actually I don't usually hear schwa as "ah" but usually "uh" or "ih".  I did not want to use special symbols for truespel phonetic spelling so I converted all schwas.  It's doable if you have a audible model.  I used "talking" dictionaries.  Hearing one speaker lets one hear what sound the schwa actually is.

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> I'd always assumed that, rather being part of a patterned system, the pronunciation of "crappie" with [a] was motivated simply by the desire to avoid a perceived vulgarity! As for "lilac" with a schwa in the last syllable: isn't that pretty standard everywhere?
> In high school, my son had two friends named Tara--pronounced differently. Those damn vowels.
> --Charlie
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>>I, too, have always known topaz to be kinda dark yellow(ish). BTW, in Saint Louis, it's pronounced "topoz," as lilac is pronounced "liloc", crappie (a fish) is pronounced "croppie," tassle is pronounced "tossle," etc.
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