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Fri Nov 2 12:58:11 UTC 2007

From:    Grant Barrett <gbarrett at WORLDNEWYORK.ORG>
> somebody else wrote:

>> 30 messages a day is really not that much.

> Well, that's subjective, isn't it? You and I get hundreds of messages
> a day, but others do not.

People could always do what i do, and subscribe to the digest--one
message a day, and with Thunderbird i can do "quick find" searches to
scan through by subject headings that interest me.

I know there was a discussion some months (years?) ago in which some
people expressed semi-horror at the idea of getting ADS-L as a digest,
but for those of us it works for, it works well.

> What do you think about voluntary content-specific subject tags?

Too confusing for the newbies, IMO.

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