Irish accents [Was: NYT on Daniel Cassidy ...]

Jesse Sheidlower jester at PANIX.COM
Wed Nov 14 01:28:50 UTC 2007

On Tue, Nov 13, 2007 at 08:17:57PM -0500, James Harbeck wrote:
> Wait, it may have switched back before I sent.
> Let me try again. Sorry for the bandwidth clutter.
> "Spé ál Ríst Sópl?" Lrú setsp lèr àstìçp, òlr
> Ùstes Pêlrâst sîôpl rûs tespëlräïst spö lür's
> tÿsp. Lr¦ såt ßip l¦ur es tespla, ristøus
> eplrestãsp. Liñ stõs

For the record, all of these are working for me, and I'm using
a non-HTML-rendering, non-graphical mail client and interface.

Jesse Sheidlower

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