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And how was that "English" _received_?
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BBC Upgrades Flap To Row
NOVEMBER 9, 2007 | ISSUE 43.45

LONDON-The nightly Ten O'Clock News program on Great Britain's BBC One
channel upgraded a minor flap in Parliament's House of Lords to an all-
out row Tuesday after Conservative Party leader Thomas Galbraith, 2nd
Baron Strathclyde, told the Lord Speaker to sod off. "The fortnight-
old handbags suddenly exploded into a proper barney when Lord
Strathclyde had an eppy and called Baroness Hayman a 'dozy slag' and
then buggered off for a Jack Dash in the bog," BBC political
correspondent Basil Islington said. "Needless to say, the other
geezers went chicken oriental." The BBC said if the tossers don't jam
their tarts by late afto, they will be forced to classify the bull and
cow as a paddy, though they haven't ruled out the possibility of a
total fucking pagger.

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