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Thanks, Chris.  Perhaps one day we'll get to the "bottom" of this canard.


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> My granddaughter reports that the above definition (in a more vernacular form) is currently regarded as the "real" (i.e., original) meaning of >"dude" in her third-grade class.
> provides support for this position. Earlier exx. are found on Usenet from 1998, with an ambiguous ex. from so long >ago as 1994. Google "dude"/"dood" and "elephant's butt."

I can attest (without documented evidence, alas) that this was
considered to be the "real" definition of "dude" when I was in
elementary school in the early 80's, in NW Indiana. Also, "cool dude"
was a frozen version of the above. I have no clue why or how this


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