"Unring" Not in OED

Jesse Sheidlower jester at PANIX.COM
Tue Nov 27 19:11:44 UTC 2007

On Tue, Nov 27, 2007 at 01:50:05PM -0500, Joel S. Berson wrote:
> At 11/27/2007 01:23 PM, Jesse Sheidlower wrote:
> >> I always appreciate a new WOTD, but what does "paremiological"
> >> mean?  It, like "unring", is not in my OED.
> >
> >Perhaps something like 'of or relating to the work of a
> >paremiologist', the last word being one that is in your OED.
> Not in mine -- but I'm a poor sufferer, at home, with only the OED2
> CD-ROM, now out of date thru PU something.

Oops. It's a person who studies proverbs.

Jesse Sheidlower

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