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Quite so. Have you seen the article on virology in the Dec.3, 2007,
New Yorker? It's not particularly relevant to your post, but you may,
nevertheless, find it interesting.


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> There are various "cures" for viruses. Anything that blocks the infection of
> cells or the viral replication once infection has occurred could be
> considered a cure.
> There are anti-viral medications and a vaccine administered post-exposure
> can often prevent more cells within the host from being infected and
> full-blown disease from developing or developing in severe form (e.g.,
> smallpox vaccine can be administered post-exposure).
> That said, the range of treatment options for viruses is far smaller than
> for bacteria.
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> Wouldn't argue about them being nuts, but there aren't known cures for *any*
> viruses.
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> This week's _New Yorker_ has an article about bioengineers who are not only
> describable as "viral spokesmen," they're now resurrecting _extinct_ killer
> viruses for which there are no known cures.
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