"drive-by shooting"--- query from National Geographic research editor

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"New Richmond Democrat," New Richmond, WI; July 7, 1876.

"Last night was reported an incident of gunfire on Gorman Avenue. It
appears local farmer Ezekiel McNally fell to the influences of alcohol
and made a fool of himself, driving his horse and carriage down Gorman
Avenue and firing his rifle at shop windows. Mr. McNally caused much
damage in this drive-by shooting, which he will be made responsible to

A rare find indeed, especially today.


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> Dear Robin Reid,
>    I'm forwarding your message to the American Dialect Society's Internet discussion group, whose interests extend to all aspects of English.  At least several members are particularly knowledgeable about early attestations of terms and may be able to help you.
>   So, ads-l members, would any of you have information on the earliest attestation(s) of "drive-by shooting"?  If so, please respond both to Robin Reid and ads-l. Thanx in advance.
> Best. --- Gerald Cohen
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> Hello Gerald,
> My name is Robin Reid, and I'm a research editor for National
> Geographic magazine. I found you while searching for the origins of
> the phrase "drive-by shooting." I'm preparing a timeline to illustrate
> a story we're doing about the impact automobiles have had on society,
> and my art director wondered if we could pinpoint when the phrase
> entered the American lexicon.
> WordOrigins indicates it came about in 1996 along with other drive-
> bys, but it then referred me to the society's Web site, and drive-by
> shooting doesn't show up in 1996.
> Can you help me?
> Many thanks!
> Robin Reid
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