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So when I report my experience it's ego-centric, but when you report yours it's not?  Who has the flawed thinking here?  Watch out everyone, Amy West thinks that anyone who reports their own experience is being ego-centric - except her that is.

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> The yay-hoo pron is from Swift's work: the two groups are named
> onomatopoetically (?). The Hwhynums (?) (too lazy to go down and look
> in Swift) are named based on the horse's whinny sound. The Yahoos are
> based on what sounds humans make (Yay! Hoo!).
> I call people "yahoos" all the time. So do others in my family.
> You're engaging in some very egocentric thinking, which is flawed.
>>We should all be familiar with the "" ads on TV. It's
>>pronounced YAH-hoo (~yaahue), or even yah-HOO (~yaahhue) in the TV
>>ads, not YAY-hoo as says (not that isn't a great
>>resource). The ad pronunciation is perhaps a billion times more
>>frequent in the ears of most folks than any other.
> ---Amy West
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