"Ellis Island special"?

Joel S. Berson Berson at ATT.NET
Wed Apr 2 17:05:37 UTC 2008

A correspondent remarked to me that her husband thought his surname
might be an "Ellis Island special".  Not in OED2; worth adding?

Google (adding "name" to "Ellis Island special") turned up little,
and not dateable.  But http://www.chs-210.com/goldworm.htm:

I used to wonder whether my family was Goldworm in the old country or
if the name was an Ellis Island special.

And this, although the sense is probably more mundane,  in

If he or she is special, or potentially special enough for you to ask
out, then you really ought to put in the effort to make that first
date equally special. Maybe not jet-skiing and Ellis Island special,
but more than just a ho-hum get-together.

If someone has _The Ultimate Baseball Road-Trip: A Fan's Guide to
Major League Stadiums_
by Kevin O'Connell - Sports & Recreation - 2004, please look at Page
378.  (Content restricted by Google.)


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