Camels vs. dromedaries?

Barbara Need nee1 at MIDWAY.UCHICAGO.EDU
Fri Apr 4 01:25:42 UTC 2008

On 3 Apr 2008, at 19:15, Laurence Horn wrote:

> At 4:20 PM -0400 4/3/08, Laurence Horn wrote:
>> At 3:16 PM -0500 4/3/08, Barbara Need wrote:
>>> On 3 Apr 2008, at 15:02, Laurence Horn wrote:
>>>> At 2:49 PM -0400 4/3/08, Mark Mandel wrote:
>>>>> FWIW, I could never remember which of the Bactrian and
>>>>> dromedary was
>>>>> which, till I looked at the capital B and capital D sideways.
>>>>> Mark Mandel
>>>> Aha.  So camels always tell the truth, unlike the moon, which
>>>> always lies.
>>> Unless you love south of the Equator!
>> Good point!  Well, if you live south of the Equator, you have to
>> stand on your head, and then the moon will always lie, plus you'll be
>> able to grab on to the earth to keep from falling off.
> I just noticed that Barbara, in this comment responding to my
> invocation of the moon adage, was actually referring to what happens
> if you *love* south of the Equator.  A simple typo, one wonders, or
> grist for Sigmund's mill?

Sigh! Typo! (Blush!)

I was thinking of a friend of mine from Uruguay, from whom I learned
the mnemonic. She then explained it didn't work up here.


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