Error in Truespel dictionary?

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Thanks Katharine,

Doing a dictionary is not easy.  I've got 60,000 words in a spreadsheet spelled twice, tradspel and truespel.  First review found thousands of typos.  Second review found hundreds.  Some errors are still in there, but I take consolation having seen McGraw-Hill's children's dictionary and the many mistakes.  I sympathize with them.  I appreciate anyone's help.  Best if done off forum.

Checking (a favorite) I hear "prints" spoken as ~prints, but "princess" as ~prinsis (not only is the ~t not there but the "e" is spoken as ~i (short i).  In notation the "e" in "princess" is represented as a schwa.  I had to spell out all schwas.  This one sounds like a ~i, ~prinsis.  (I personally say short e, ~prinses.)

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> I checked with my family. We don't. "princess" just slides off like
> "prinsis"
> Katharine in N. California
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> I tested "prince" and "princess" on the Truespel site. The first came
> back as "prints" but the second came back as "prinsis". AFAIK, it is
> nearly impossible for nearly all English speakers to pronounce
> "prinsis" without a /t/ sound. BB
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