ADS-L Digest - 4 Apr 2008 to 5 Apr 2008 (#2008-97)

Sun Apr 6 20:06:41 UTC 2008

I keep waiting to see one or the other of these mentioned, but so far have
not, so I'll mention them myself:

My maternal grandparents, raised in the Boston area, would pronounce
"horrid" and "forehead" to rhyme, thus:
HAH-rid, FAH-rid
That's how they'd pronounce those words all the time, not just an attempt  to
make them rhyme for that poem.

My father would similarly pronounce them rhyme, but in a fashion  dissimilar
to his in-laws:
HOR-rid, FOR-rid
This is how he learned to speak in a western NY, slightly uneducated


Just to mess with 'em: Fill out your tax  form using Roman numerals!

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