Roman numerals (was Re: Barry Popik namecheck)

Benjamin Barrett gogaku at IX.NETCOM.COM
Mon Apr 7 01:56:20 UTC 2008

"IXX century" gets just over 1000 hits on Google. (Small compared to
"XIX century," but still quite a few.) I've never seen them written
this way before. I didn't find anything for "CMM century" or "IC"
century, though. BB

On Apr 6, 2008, at 12:53 PM, sagehen wrote:

> There are quite a few Octaviuses (Octavii?) & Octavias in my family
> tree.  I
> doubt if they were all eighth-born, though the IXX Cent families in
> which
> they appeared  did tend to have big broods. (There is also a Tullius
> Cicero
> -- no ordinal in evidence -- mentioned in the same genealogy). My
> grandfather's uncle, Octavius Decatur Gass, seems to have owned a
> lot of
> what later became Las Vegas. I haven't seen it, but I understand
> there is a
> large sign ("Welcome to GASS Station") somewhere on the strip, put
> up by the
> local historical society.
> AM

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