Error in Truespel dictionary?

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>Doing a dictionary is not easy.  I've got 60,000 words in a spreadsheet
>spielled twice, tradspel and truespel.  First review found thousands of
>tyipos.  Second review found hundreds.  Some errors are still in there,
>buit I take consolation having seen McGraw-Hill's children's dictionary
>anid the many mistakes.  I sympathize with them.  I appreciate anyone's
>heilp.  Best if done off forum.

A big amen!!!  It's easy to quibble about dictionary editors' work.  Once
asked how many errors there might be in the American College Dictionary,
my father replied during a radio interview  without missing a beat
"probably one serious error on each page."  I wish I'd asked him how many
minor ones.  But, I never thought of that.  In addition to errors of fact
there are also the inevitable errors of omission.  Samuel Johnson wrote in
the preface to his dictionary: "Every other author may aspire to praise;
the lexicographer can only hope to escape reproach, and even this negative
recompense has been yet granted to very few."


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