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Damien Hall halldj at BABEL.LING.UPENN.EDU
Thu Apr 10 13:00:42 UTC 2008

Randy posted:

> CGEL has some similar examples, but using gaps:
> p1047 ex [40]ia. I want a car(i) [that I know [___(i) is safe]].
> p1083 ex [16]ii. *He's the man(i) [they think [that ___(i) attacked her]].
> p1090 ex [36]iii Here's a book(i) [I think [___(i) might help us]].
> Damien -- when you wrote: "(1') Please forward to anyone(i) you think
> t(i) who(i) might be interested.", does "t(i)" signify a gap?

Yes, it does, or should.  That is, my intended postulated analysis is exactly
parallel to the CGEL ones.  It's just too long since my syntax classes, so I
used the wrong terminology.

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