WOTY candidate: schadenfreude

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So why wasn't "blondenfreude" the WOTY of 2002
(when I sent it to Jesse)?  And on the front page, too!  :-)


The New York Times
2002 23 June, 1/1

Blondenfreude, the glee felt when a rich,
powerful, and fair-haired business woman
stumbles, is the guilty pleasure of the age.

[By Allesandra Stanley and Constance L, Hayes,
and about -- you guessed it -- Martha
Stewart.  This is the oldest use (of the 4) I
find in the NYTimes archives, and credited to
Stanley by Maureen Dowd on June 19, 2003.]


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>WOTY candidate: “schadenfreude”.  It’s been
>around for a while (MWCD10 says 1895) but in the
>last month it has emerged from obscurity into
>numerous news stories. (about 1,250,000 hits on
>Google) In fact I even found a pun on the word:
>"It is hardly surprising, then, that the country
>is enjoying a fit of Spitzenfreude—and that Wall
>Street's trading floors are decorated with
>photoshopped pictures of him cavorting with
>bodacious babes in various states of undress.
>Some people have even attributed the markets'
>mid-week bounce to glee over Mr Spitzer, rather
>than to the $200 billion shovelled their way by the Fed."

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