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>  > Subject:      Dieing languages and "easy to learn" spelling
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>  > If English speakers don't adopt an English-friendly phonetic
>  > spelling NOW, will they be forced to use one based on another
>  > language in the future?  Should future language respelling be
>  > done in the "easy to learn" alphabet of "Nuriguel" or in an
>  > "easy to learn" English based script - truespel?
>  >
>  > The world is thinking about respelling.
>  The English-speaking portion of the world is not thinking about
>  respelling.  [...]
>  Your posts in the ADS-L (which seem to gather no traction whatsoever)
>  are the only times that spelling reform ever comes to my attention.
>  But everyone needs a hobby, so keep it up.

But preferably not here, please!

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