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Sat Apr 12 01:47:03 UTC 2008

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> West Palm Beach Convention Hall is new and looking for conventions.  They 
> might cut a deal.  Average Temperature is 77 degrees in Jan  Ocean avg. temp 
> is 73 degrees in Jan.  Give them a call.  Why stay up north in Jan?

Because the rooms are cheap in Portland in the winter--and maybe also because 
Florida is primarily supported by huge tourist taxes. The state has just 
voted itself such great property tax cuts that nobody can figure out how to 
finance even the most basic of services. Who wants to have a convention in a state 
where there are too few police officers, where the underfinanced courts cannot 
keep up with the criminals, where the roads are falling apart, and which has 
so little respect for education that the schools are severely underfunded and 
the universities are rapidly losing their best faculty. I live here because of 
the weather, but I'm not sure how much longer I can take this corrupt 
political system.

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