"Like" abuse redivivus

Katharine The Grate KatharineTheGrate at COMCAST.NET
Sun Apr 13 21:54:19 UTC 2008

Gee, I tried to post info about that article three times and kept getting it
back from the demon.

I knew some of you would, like, like it.


>        Claims that young people are inarticulate have been around for
> awhile.  I suspect that, while these claims doubtless are overstated,
> there is something to them; I certainly think that I'm more articulate now
> than I was 30 years ago.  I've reproduced below a recent press release,
> http://www.displaysense.co.uk/press-releases/43/lost-in-translation---the-unusual-tale-of-a-taxi-and-a-displaysense-display-cabinet,
> which would certainly support the view that its 19-year-old protagonist
> should strive to be more articulate.  Frankly, I have some skepticism
> about the story, even though it was an official press release from a large
> UK retailer and was picked up by several newspapers.  The newspaper
> accounts generally used the more common spelling, "innit."

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