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> paul johnson wrote:
> Wasn't Les Brown and his band of renown in there
> too?
> sagehen wrote:
> > Was this a later version of the Hit Parade? Lucky
> Strike sponsored the Hit
> > Parade in the late 30s & all through the war
> ("Lucky Strike green has gone
> > to war!"),  but its format was somewhat different:
> ten top tunes, for one
> > thing & I don't remember anything called "extra."
> Beats me who led the
> > orchestra.....could it have been Paul Whiteman?

 ...and well into the 50's; my family didn't get tv
until around mid 50's, and Lucky Strike Hit-Parade is
one of the few tv shows I remember (the dancing
Chesterfield pack is my other definite memory - any
believers that cigarettes played a large roll in
defining American culture at that time?).  I don't
recall anything about a "lucky strike extra".

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