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> Lucky Strike green really did go to war. When I was in The War during
> the late '50's and early '60's, we were still eating WWII C-rations
> left over from those days, when we were "out in the field" for
> training.
What good, if any, that green may have been to the war effort, it was a geat
loss, in my opinion, to the handsomeness of the Luckies pkg. It was a dark,
forest green with the familiar red circle rimmed by a dull gold, with black
lettering. American Tobacco also put out a pipe tobacco (don't remember the
name) in a green & red tin.  Red & white, according to Vance Packard, was
the winning color combination for packaging of all kinds in that era, which
leads me to believe that sales was the real goal of the "gone to war"

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