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>From that NY Times article:
As a featured singer on "Your Hit Parade" from 1950 to 1957, Miss Collins
was America's singing sweetheart, noted for her trademark high-necked
blouses and such standard songs as "Too Young," "Shrimp Boats" and "Harbor
Lights." The show was the television version of the long-running radio
program "Lucky Strike Hit Parade" and featured the top tunes of the week
performed by the show's cast in a variety of costumes and settings. Other
members of the cast during Miss Collins's time included Snooky Lanson,
Gisele MacKenzie, June Valli and Russell Arms.

Re Toscanini, I don't know for sure if I remember that from the time he
was, but I surely remember it from recently thereafter. ;)
And I remember Nancy better from when she had boots made for walking.
But I don't recall hearing of Axel Stordahl.
I saw Frank once, with Sammy, at the old (but not the original!) Madison
Square Garden. This was about the time he shoulda oughta of _stayed_

Wilson Gray wrote:

Were any dates provided? I've never heard of Dorothy Collins and
Raymond Scott, but I have heard of Frank Sinatra and Axel Stordahl. I
have recordings from the 'Forties, featuring The Voice, as he was
known before he became 'Ol' Blue Eyes," singing his original themes
songs, "Put Your Dreams Away" and "Nancy (Jr.) With the Laughing
Face," backed by Axel Stordahl and the Lucky Strike Orchestra.

Remember when Arturo Toscanini was the conductor of the NBC Symphony


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>  By unfortunate coincidence, the answer, or at least part of it, is
>  provided in today's NY Times
>  958260) in a story reporting the death last week of Dorothy Collins, who
>  sang on Your Hit Parade show.
>  Raymond Scott is described there as the band leader for the YHP show, and
>  later the orchestra leader for an NBC Hit Parade show.
>  dh
>  on 4/13/08 10:31 PM, Wilson Gray at hwgray at GMAIL.COM wrote:
>  > Has anyone else os sufficient maturity noticed the use of the phrase,
>  > "lucky-strike extra," in a recent Yahoo! commercial. Back in the
>  > 'Forties and early 'Fifties, Lucky Strike cigarettes sponsored a radio
>  > and, later, a television show featuring the seven most popular songs
>  > of the week. When a song out of the top seven was sung or played (Axel
>  > Stordahl & The Lucky Strike Orchestra!), it was called a "Lucky Strike
>  > extra."
>  >
>  > -Wilson
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