Standard US English Dialect?

Tom Zurinskas truespel at HOTMAIL.COM
Wed Apr 16 18:28:35 UTC 2008

All members of this forum should know that anything interpreted as an insult from me was just response in kind to post directed at me or about me.

Some folk here don't like what I've done in establishing a superior phonetic spelling to IPA or SAMPA in terms of utility nor  my perspective on phonetic spelling.  They have that right.  But the dispensation of ridicule here has been gratuitous with expletives by some individuals in this forum who consider themselves the gatekeepers of orthodoxy.

I've attacked no one but asked questions, given opinions, and defended myself.  The record I keep bears me out.  Calling me an insulting person is of course an insult.  Please note who the insulters are and act accordingly.

Meanwhile I'll be delighted to send copies of my speech on the Cost of Illiteracy given in England next June to those interested.

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> Subject: Re: Standard US English Dialect?
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> I recall a few months back (or a few before that) someone who popped up here
> posted, over a few days, a string of _very_ insulting comments directed at
> specific members of the list, and, if I recall correctly, at the list in
> general.
> The advice then was to ignore the poster, who could be expected to cease and
> desist once he wasn't drawing return comments.
> 'Worked then; might work now.
> I know that I, for one, have heard all about truespel (why not 'truspel'?)
> that I care to, or need to.
> dh
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> ronbutters at AOL.COM
> Subject: Re: Standard US English Dialect?
> I'm not sure just what the terms of service are for this list-serv, but it
> seems to me that this person here goes beyond the limits of what one would
> expect the rules to be. This message is just a string of insults and
> gratuitous whining. There is no intellectual engagement, nothing about
> language, and what appears to be deliberate misunderstanding of what others
> have posted (eg, the clear irony of Preston's title "Where the worst English
> is spoken" has been pointed out here).
> I am not objecting to permitting his continued postings that present
> ridiculous points of view about language. I do protest messages that are
> pure insults, & I request that TZ be warned.
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> From: Tom Zurinskas
> Date: Wed, 16 Apr 2008 13:42:04
> So now I'm not a language lover, but others are, and I detract from their
> love. Is that it? SAMPA in 1987 addressed the problems with IPA notation
> as did I. I suppose they were not language lovers either. XSAMPA addresses
> the problems with SAMPA. No love there? Somebody here wrote about "Where
> the worst English is spoken". He must not be a language lover, either,
> right? Yet you do not address that.
> I started truespel in 1987, the same year SAMPA started. How old were you
> then, 5 or 6; the great lecturer, just learning to read. What have you done
> in your young life that we should be impressed with. Get off my case.
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