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Wed Apr 16 21:46:24 UTC 2008

At 4/16/2008 11:58 AM, Doug Harris wrote:
> From the IMDb bio of Ed Sullivan:
>Date of Birth: 28 September 1901, NY, NY
>Date of Death: 13 October 1974, NY, NY (cancer of the esophagus )
>Birth Name: Edward Vincent Sullivan
>Nickname: 'The Great Stone Face'

Nickname:  'The Great Stone Face'

Formal Name:  The Old Man of the Mountain.

Date of Death:  May 3, 2003, Cannon Mountain, NH (frontal collapse)

Must have been quite a shew.  Unfortunately, not observed (as far as
I know), because it occurred in the dark of night.  The next day I
read for a few friends from Hawthorne.


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