"flying fuck"

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Thu Apr 17 13:43:01 UTC 2008

My take on "flying fuck", without ever having asked anyone what they
thought "flying" meant, is from OED2 flying ppl. a. sense 4.c.,
"Passing, flitting; hasty, transient".  Thus a flying fuck isn't
worth much because it's over too quickly.  But perhaps I'm immersed
too much in the 18th century (for "flying", that is -- when G.
Washington coined "flying hospital", as discovered by yours truly).

(I see the phrase has made it to the OED, draft additions March 2008,
s.v. flying ppl. a., but not assigned to a specific sense as far as I
can see, and thus no clue as to etymology.  Earliest spotting 1938,
letter of J. O'Hara, then 1951 J. Jones _From Here to Eternity_.)


At 4/17/2008 07:22 AM, Paul wrote:
>paul johnson wrote:
>My understanding has always been that a FF was the act of launching
>yourself, fully extended , from the foot of the bed with the intention
>of reaching full penetration as you hit the bed.  The only other
>daredevil sexual act is the standing position while in a hammock, there
>must  be others, I'm sure.
>RonButters at AOL.COM wrote:
>>Which raises the really important question, "What, exactly, is a flying
>>In a message dated 4/16/08 8:48:04 PM, dad at POKERWIZ.COM writes:
>>>Who, with any view to any realistic
>>>endeavor of the human mind [sic], would really give a flying fuck if Wheeler
>>>the coiner or not
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