"mosquito" = annoying buzzing person

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Perhaps this might have a connection to Rita Skeeter of the Harry Potter



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> A friend with whom I ate lunch yesterday later referred in
> complimentary terms to our waiter as not having been a
> mosquito.  Urban dictionary has a definition dated July 18, 2006 of
> "Someone who buzzes around you, never stopping their chit-chat even
> when they are asked to, and although their voice and\or subject of
> discussion is extremely annoying. Being a mosquito is very common in
> preteens(especially if those maniacs are [expletive deleted] gifted),
> but can be found also in adults."
> Very close to my friend's usage, although we did not ask him to buzz
> off and his voice was not especially annoying.
> Not in OED3 draft revision March 2008.
> Joel
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