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>Which raises the really important question, "What, exactly, is a flying
>In a message dated 4/16/08 8:48:04 PM, dad at POKERWIZ.COM writes:
>> Who, with any view to any realistic
>> endeavor of the human mind [sic], would really give a flying fuck if
>> Wheeler is the coiner or not

You don't have to work for the FAA (as I do) to know that a flying fuck is what one must perform (give? receive?) in order to join the Mile-High Club.

Seriously, a possible source for "black hole" is
John A. Wheeler "The Superdense Star and the Critical Nucleon Number" in Hong-Lee Chiu and William F. Hoffman, eds _Gravitation and Relativity_  (New York: W. A Benjamin, Inc., 1964).

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