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But Jesse's larger point is important, esp. for whippersnapper newbies who may be dazzled, in some cases, by time-saving  high tech.  Online resources are not yet a substitute for looking things up in print. This is especially true for books and magazines written after the current magic cutoff date for copyright of 1923.


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>There's so much on flying stuff at various things in HDAS I (s.v.
>"flying"s) that modesty forbids extensive quotation here.
Dear Jonathan,

I never meant to suggest that OED was the only to check. Far from it.
There are easily a dozen sources one should be sure not to overlook--not
the least of which are HDAS and DARE. There's Montgomery and Hall (D. of
Smoky Mountain English), American Speech (online), as well as the standard
sources (include DA, DAE, Wentworth & Flexner, and the list goes on... and
on.... and on).

It's just that there are so many newbies around here and Jesse had made
what I perceived as a self-flagellatory remark about OED that I thought
I'd chime in.


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