Re: [ADS-L] "flying fuck"--something of negligible value

RonButters at AOL.COM RonButters at AOL.COM
Fri Apr 18 23:31:39 UTC 2008

I was assuming that the original was the full phrase FF at a (Galloping 
Turkey, Rolling Doughnut,   or some such), from which the phrase FF was clipped. 
Alliteration certainly seems like it was a factor, but the alternatives that I 
can think of do not seem as semantically apt, either (leaping? bounding? 

In a message dated 4/18/08 7:00:08 PM, Berson at ATT.NET writes:

> At 4/18/2008 03:33 PM, RonButters at AOL.COM wrote:
> >I think we have now, right, Larry? "Take a flying fuck at a running 
> rooster"
> >= "Go do something totally stupid"; "not worth a flying fuck" = "not worth 
> as
> >much as a totally pointless and fruitless enterprise"
> While this hypothesis has probability for me, it still does not I
> think educate us on why "flying".   The alliteration may be why it
> caught on and persisted, but what did the "flying" mean to the
> originators and early hearers?
> Joel

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