Arppies ("asset rich, penny poor")

Benjamin Zimmer bgzimmer at BABEL.LING.UPENN.EDU
Sun Apr 20 18:01:47 UTC 2008

A new Yuppie-esque acronym from Amanda Platell of the Daily Mail (UK):

Don't *arppy (That's Asset-Rich, but penny-poor)
Amanda Platell, Daily Mail
17th April 2008

People watchers have always wondered what happened to Yuppies, those
thrusting, well-off young creatures with big hair and even bigger
shoulder pads who ruled the world in the mid-Eighties.
One moment they were bestriding the world, upending accepted social
structures and earning easy money which was spent with equal ease (and
too often vulgarity!).
With bonuses that would make even a 21st century hedge fund manager
blush, they actually invented the term conspicuous consumption.
Yet almost overnight the Yuppies - short for young urban professionals
- were gone.
They disappeared quicker than you can say Tyrannosaurus rex. Extinct, defunct.
Or so it was thought. Because the truth is the Yuppies didn't die,
they just traded in their Porsches for property, their freedom for
families and their spendthrift habits for school fees.
They live and breathe among us today, but have morphed into a new breed.
No longer Yuppies, they are now "Arppies" - that's short for asset
rich, penny poor.
Where once they were young and upwardly mobile, now they're middle
aged and standing still.

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