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Katharine The Grate KatharineTheGrate at COMCAST.NET
Tue Apr 22 01:30:53 UTC 2008

> So the letter-sound correspondence is more regular than not.  Some forms
> of teaching reading (whole language) prohibit teaching letter-sound
> correspondence to learners.  It's been said this idea is akin to
> malpractice.

That's not true.  Whole Language incorporates phonics rules into the way
people naturally read.  think:  'teach the whole child'

Scripted phonics teaching (what we see a lot of now in the elementary
schools) teaches that there are universal phonic rules, that there is a
consistency in the way letters are pronounced, that teaching children to
grunt out a certain amount of lettersounds will ensure all children read.
And, according to the idiot Bush, that all children will be above average.

More likely, all children will be dropping out.

Katharine "frustrated Kindergarten teacher" in N. California

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