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>>>    Another possibility: maybe whites are allowed to write
>>>  "nigga" in contexts where racist motivation is obviously out
>>>  of the question - as it would/should be in mainstream hiphop
>>>  criticism. If I may once again allude to _Idiocracy_, just
>>> before he starts the time experiment, white "Officer" Collins
>>>  addresses both subjects (played by Luke Wilson and Maya
>>>  Rudolph)
>> Formerly known as "Mayer Rudolph"

> Not to be confused with hizzonah, a.k.a. Mayor Rudolph. (the former
> consensus shoo-in Republican presidential candidate).

A friend of mine called Maya (an American) once had the nickname /maj at r/ at
school, derived from the pronunciation of her name by a British teacher.  He
had a persistent inserted / linking [r] (the one that's common in British
r-less accents to resolve hiatuses between vowels, so 'drawing' > [drOrIN])
which also sometimes surfaced utterance-finally after a vowel (as is also
common, I think).

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