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I watched the movie _War Games_ (1983) last night. The terms "stealth"
and [computer] "firewall" were both used, and it occurred to me that
they both might be early uses.  I checked the OED, and neither was an
antedating (in fact, the OED already uses the "firewall" quote from War
Games), but I've since found the following.

Stealth (OED has 1979)

[Associated Press]  "Officials Silent on Crash of Experimental Plane"
_Casa Grande Dispatch_ Arizona,  5/13/1978, p 3 col 3
"However, some sources implied the plane may have been part of what has
been called a "stealth" program aimed at developing reconnaisance planes
which would be significantly less vulnerable to enemy counteraction."

(This article implies that stealth programs were publicly discussed in a
1977 or 1976 issue of "Air Force", the magazine of the Air Force

G. F. Goetz, J. E. Petit, M. B. Sussman.  "Non-Axisymmetric Nozzle
Design and Evaluation for F-111 Flight Demonstration"; AIAA/SAE 14th
PROPULSION CONFERENCE,  Las Vegas, Nevada JuIy 25-27, 1978 p. 11.

[Annotation to a figure]
        - Plume and Hot Parts
        - Radiation
        - Radar Cross Section"

[deeper in the same figure]
"Flight Test Objectives  . . .  Validate Stealth Predictions"

[Note that in this context, "stealth" means reduction of all
electromagnetic signatures, not just radar reflectivity]

SILVERMAN, S. (Rockwell International Corp., Los Angeles, Calif.) "The
next 25 years of fighter aircraft" Report # AIAA-1978-3013.  In:
_Diamond jubilee of powered flight: The evolution of aircraft design_;
Proceedings of the Conference, Dayton, Ohio, December 14, 15, 1978.
(A79-16957 04-01) New York, American Institute of Aeronautics and
Astronautics, Inc., 1978, p. 135 col 2
"At the present time, the major stealth emphasis is on reduction of
radar cross section with second priority given to infrared radiation

Firewall (OED has 1974)

Branstan, D.K.; "Privacy and Protection in Operating Systems" _Computer_
Volume 6,  Issue 1,  Jan. 1973 p. 46 col 1.
"The operating system would be embedded in one domain called the
firewall domain containing the active domain table and descriptor
segments for all processes in the system."
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