"my Ghossips cock", 1641?

Wilson Gray hwgray at GMAIL.COM
Sun Apr 27 18:28:38 UTC 2008

Could be the same one, Mark. What I recall is something somewhat
simpler in style than Dürer's work. However, since it was something
that I glanced at once about a quarter-century ago, it may well be
that it's my memory that's sketchy and not the work of art. :-)

Google Images has a woodcut by Dürer that shows a man in a "thong"
whose genitalia are very close to a faucet somewhat reminiscent of the
male genitalia in shape. It's not what I "think" I remember, but it's
close enough for government work, to coin a phrase.


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>  > I'm pretty sure that cock = penis is through cock = faucet, as in
>  >  petcock, stopcock, etc. I've seen punning cartoons in which men are
>  >  posed in a public bath in such a way that its faucets appear to be
>  >  their penises. Someone even submitted here a caricature of a taverner
>  >  which showed his penis as a cock in the faucet sense.
>  I've seen such a "cartoon" by Albrecht Dürer.
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