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On Tue, Apr 29, 2008 at 8:51 PM, Dave Hause <dwhause at jobe.net> wrote:

> Hard to beat the law enforcement use of "K9 dog."

That's a dog that's trained as a -- member? -- of what's actually called the
"K-9 Corps".  Of course "K-9" is a pun or rebus, but this is a "K9 dog", not
a "canine dog". Homophonous but not the same.

Neither OED nor MW has "K9" or "K-9". Google search finds inter alia the
following (URL/title/lede):

The Quartermaster K-9 Corps
On 13 March 1942, the Quartermaster Corps began training dogs for the Army's
"K-9 Corps." The phrase "K-9 Corps" became a popular title for the War Dog
Program in the 1940s, and found wide informal usage both inside and outside
the military.

The CIA K-9s — Central Intelligence Agency
The K-9 Corps - formed in 1991 - is one of our favorite groups at the CIA.
Our K-9s and their human partners protect the CIA and our employees. And
today, our K-9s handle jobs that humans just can't do as well.

Mark Mandel

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