"McGrady says"

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Last year we discussed "O'Grady says" as a variant of the now seemingly universal "Simon says."  Here's another synonym:
1918 James Belton & E. G. O'Dell _Hunting the Hun_ (N.Y.: D. Appleton) 174: One of the many games that is...popular with the boys is known by the name of "McGrady."... The instructor forms the men in a circle around him, each man being armed with his rifle and bayonet with scabbard on. ... The instructor will then say, "McGrady says, 'Do this' " and he then makes a point with the bayonet, all his class doing the same. If, however, he says, "McGrady says, 'Do that' " he will probably make a short point and no one must move. If any man has made a short point he must come out in the centre, take the instructor's place and try to catch someone else off his guard. It is just the difference in the words "This" and "That," and all depends upon the cleverness of the instructor instructor in being able to tell the tale to divert the men's minds and be able to catch them off their guard. 
The authors served in the Canadian army.

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