Yo, Have You All Heard 'We All'?

Doug Harris cats22 at FRONTIERNET.NET
Wed Aug 13 18:14:35 UTC 2008

Harlem's Congressman Charlie Rangel was near his
rent-subsidized home yesterday to brag how he
helped preserve nearly 400 other subsidized
apartments in his neighborhood. Some onlookers,
egged on by the NYT, were more interested in
criticizing him for hogging three way-below-
market-value apartments when, without a doubt,
he could afford to pay full-whack rents.
One paragraph of today's NYT story put it thusly:
One 58-year-old woman, who has lived at Canaan IV for 12 years, called the
situation "an injustice." Another, who is 50 and has been in the building
since 1994, said that the congressman "wants we all to think that he's there
for the people, but deep down inside, he doesn't care."
"We all"? Is that the way Vern Ackular usually puts it? Or is that simply
one of Les Common's peculiarities?

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