"bot herder"

Joel S. Berson Berson at ATT.NET
Thu Aug 14 19:11:29 UTC 2008

"bot herder"  -- he[a]rd on NPR's "Here and Now" today, about 12:15
PM EDT, Boston.

Wikipedia has a "stub", apparently created January
2007.  urbandictionary does not have a definition.

Wikipedia's definition is prolix and nerdy:

"Bot herders are crackers who use automated techniques to scan
specific network ranges and find vulnerable systems, such as machines
without current security patches, on which to install their bot
program. The infected machine then has become one of many zombies in
a botnet and responds to commands given by the bot herder, usually
via an Internet Relay Chat channel."

I have in mind something like:

"A person who farms[1] internet-connected computers ..." [etc.; a la
"that can be co-opted by third parties for their own purposes without
the permission of their owners."]

[1]  "farm" v.2  sense 2.b. "To lease or let the proceeds or profits
of (customs, taxes, tithes, an undertaking) for a fixed payment."


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