Age and gender confusion at the Olympics

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I would hope that the policy would value clarity over blind rule-following.
Of course, there are a lot of things I'd hope for that aren't the case.

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> Joel's discussion below reflects a style practice altered several
> years (possibly over a decade) ago.  For quite some time now, the
> Times uses no titles in their sports pages.  More accurately, any
> article about sports figures *qua sports figures* in the sports pages
> refers to the athletes, both male and female (after the initial
> establishing full name mention), by last name only.  Therefore, any
> choice other than "He" (after first mention) would violate the now
> consistently applied practice, unless the article described Ms. He
> being accused of doping or other legal/ethical irregularities.  Note
> the date on the Safire column.
> LH

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