Say what? It must be catching!

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I say that!  [ɑməˈgouð̩əˈstoɚ] = I'm gonna go to the store.

For those of you who can't see the IPA: sorry.

Actually, I think most of us say "umma" or whatever.  People just
don't notice it.  I've even heard it reduced to "ma" [mə].  I think
it's just a normal feature of everyday connected speech (agreeing with


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> Wilson, to my white Southern ears (which are actually sort of pinkish), that sounds like a normal contraction of "I am going to"!  I can't remember where Brady grew up.
> --Charlie
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>>Subject: Say what? It must be catching!
>>Tom Brady, New England Patriots quarterback, on Boston local news:
>>"_Umma_ do my best to be in shape when the season begins"
>>as opposed to the expected
>>"_Mgunna_ do my best ..."
>>Well, it is known that he and Randy Moss, his favorite pass-catcher, hang out together a lot, even off the field. :-)
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