lobster back, puzzling meaning

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I missed the beginning of this thread, so this may be repetitive, but
weren't British soldiers referred to with this term
at the time of the revolution?

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At 9:12 AM -0400 8/23/08, Joel S. Berson wrote:
>At 8/22/2008 11:58 PM, Douglas G. Wilson wrote:
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>>>I forgot to mention an interesting quotation revealed by Google
>>>Books, with a possibly different sense:
>>>1847, in Historical Collections of Ohio: Containing a Collection of
>>>the Most ... by Henry Howe - Ohio - 1847 - 581 pages, Page 254 "If
>>>any traveller, in passing through Ohio, should chance to see a large
>>>number of " lobster back" people on the farms, or about the village
>>>taverns, ...".
>>The reference is to people wearing a certain red flannel garment: looks
>>like it probably just means "[people] dressed in red" or so.
>Thanks, Doug -- I didn't have the perseverance to look further.  But
>I only wear red flannel in bed.
Then there are those who *eat* it, qua red flannel hash.  (Not
inedible with enough tabasco or the equivalent thereto.)


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