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When I have occasion to use these words, I pronounce them as
"IN-[dais]" and "VER-[tais]." Since this is a subtle playing of the
race card, it's all that I can do to keep a straight face. I can tell
that my white listeners really want to "correct" me. but they don't
want appear racist by "embarrasing" the colored fellow, who probably
knows no better, poor uneducated lout, by publicly correcting him.

But, OTOH, since the use of _indice vertice_ is jargon and [-ais] is
very different from [-Is], [@s], or whatever, if you stop to think
about, it's possible that I may be using some other bit of jargon
that's specific to my field and "correcting" me might make the
corrector look stupid.

This happens *extremely* rarely, but, when it does, it warms the
cockles of my heart.


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> In a previous life, writing program code for civil engineering and
> surveying, I encountered users who would refer to a vertice.
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