"bring Route 40"

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Tue Aug 26 18:52:56 UTC 2008

'Sounds illogical to me: If you are following a route, or proceeding
along the course of a route, how can you be said to be 'bringing' it?
Of course by that logic, 'take route 40' doesn't sound too logical,
Go, as they say, figure.

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> From: "R. L. Starr" <starr at sundell.net>
> Date: August 26, 2008 11:21:53 AM PDT
> Subject: "bring Route 40"
> Hey guys, has anyone ever heard this use of "bring" for "take" as in
> taking a street or route? Some examples (I know they all involve
> route 40, but actually they refer to two different route 40's, so
> that's weird):
> "If you are bringing highway 40 into town, go straight until you
> pass Oleander Road and it is the first stoplight past that."
> (north carolina)
> "From areas West and South: Take bring Route 40 or Route 51 to Route
> 119 N towards Connellsville"
> (pennsylvania -- this one looks like someone tried to correct it but
> forgot to delete the previous version)
> "since 40 has been closed, i've been bringing 44 to work"
> (indiana)

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