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Thu Aug 28 00:42:31 UTC 2008

At 8:35 PM -0400 8/27/08, Laurence Horn wrote:
>At 8:23 PM -0400 8/27/08, Hillary Brown wrote:
>>On ABC's _Wife Swap_, one of the husbands, responding to criticism and
>>during an interview, just said, "When she vendettily," as in "when she
>>spoke to me with a vendetta"?
>Well, I've never heard it, but while there are no hits for

Oops.  Spoke too soon, sorta.  There is one relevant hit for it in a
slightly altered form:

I gonna vendetally princh your ass.

Can someone misspell a non-existent word?


>there are a bunch for the presumed base adjective,
>"vendettal", as in the (google-attested) example
>What a waste of time and happiness it is to reject someone out of
>pure vendettal intents.
>I'd need to know what the context of the adverb was, but if it had
>the meaning 'in the manner of someone with a vendetta', I'd guess the
>source is "vendettal".  A number of posters seem to be under the
>impression that the movie "V for Vendetta" that was released a couple
>of years ago was actually "V for Vendettal".
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