Queen Mary = wire-rack rolling cart; names of TV shows or characters, used as verbs

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> I posted that quote originally, from the LiveJournal of a friend who
> is a part-time professional bartender.

Here's the complete post from my files:


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subject Queen Mary = wire-rack rolling cart; names of TV shows or
characters, used as verbs
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>From a friend's LiveJournal
(http://xiphias.livejournal.com/474315.html), used by permission:


Oh how cool English is as a language

A sentence one of my fellow bartenders uttered last night while we
were breaking down the bars, and packing up all the stuff to take back
to the MIT Faculty club where it goes:

"I think I can MacGyver the rest of the liquor onto the Queen Mary."

A "Queen Mary", by the way, is a big wire-rack rolling cart. Imagine a
set of aluminum-tube-and wire-rack shelves, and put wheels on it.
That's all it is, and you stack everything on it, and then wrap it all
in pallet wrap, which is just somewhat-thicker clingfilm/Saran wrap,
which keeps everything from falling off.

But are there other television shows or television characters which
have become verbs?



mattblum comments:
Did you know that "to MacGyver" was used on the first episode of
Stargate SG-1 (http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0118480/), prompting
Richard Dean Anderson (or his character--hard to say which) to roll
his eyes in exasperation?



janetmiles comments:
Spock, as in "to Spock an eyebrow".


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