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back on 28 November i reported on the two-part back-formed verb
"holiday-shop".  there are, of course, more X-shop verbs.  some where
X is an occasion, some where X is the object of the shopping, some
where X is the person for whom one shops.

type (2) is quite productive.  the many examples i give below are only
a sample of what's out there.


   How to Christmas Shop for Kids: Great Gift Ideas for Children and ...

   Do you plan to Christmas shop early Friday morning?

   Her Royal Highness and Little Sister Princess Margaret Rose
Christmas-shopped eagerly in "a sixpenny store somewhere in
Scotland." ...,9171,762110-2,00.html

   Speaking of Paris ... another site's reporting she's on her way to
Miami but we' re with her now as she Christmas shops in LA ...


   Off to birthday shop, a bit. She won't be getting the only things
she's written down on a list so far, ...

   Ever have to birthday shop for that one person who never tells you
what they want, or is just plain hard to please?

   Sister Britney was spotted leaving Ed Hardy where she birthday
shopped with [sic] Jamie-Lynn with their Mom.

   Britney Spears Birthday Shops for Sis Jamie Lynn. April 12th,
2008 ... She also picked up a few things for her brother and father.
jamie- lynn/


   That leaves 1 or 2 days to wedding shop and arrange consultations.

   In the last nine days, I traveled 3316 miles, did a session at the
San Diego temple, wedding shopped, ate an 18 dollar tomato, ...



   Great place to clothing shop for your kids.

   I haven't really clothing shopped for myself in almost a year.


   How to Shoe Shop With Your Wife. If you are a man and you've ever
been "stuck" in shopping with your wife for shoes, ...

   I could have shoe shopped in NYC. harrumph.


   It's fun to furniture shop. You can do it in person, or online.

   I furniture shopped everywhere, and a friend ended up telling me
about this place.


   What better place to computer shop than at

   I've never really computer shopped before.


   How to Tool Shop on a Budget.

   I tool shopped at HF they do have some good tools you just have to
be selective ...


   Bizarro Brit -- Wears Wedding Dress to Car Shop!

   The last time I car-shopped (shudder) I was amazed and discouraged
by the ...


   City Tells Its Firefighters Not to Food-Shop on Duty.

   Ask anyone who has food shopped lately, food prices are not going


   Learning to grocery shop wisely can save thousands of dollars over
the years, and free up considerable money & time each month.

   Among only those who grocery shopped, men spent 40 minutes and
women ...


   Plus I only have to vegetable shop every two weeks instead of twice
a week.

   I stood with a longtime friend, Tom Richardson, who lives at Sky
Valley, and asked him how often he vegetable shopped at Osage's.


   They were happy the lower-than-normal gas prices, which are
averaging about $1.96 in Central Ohio, have allowed them the luxury to
toy shop.

   Toys have changed over the years and the assortment can be
astounding, particularly to those who haven’t toy-shopped in awhile.

MOMMY-SHOP [by adoptive children, searching for new mommies]

   I can’t help but think that if she felt more secure and was truly
attached that she would not have the need to Mommy shop.



   but when i am up to it and i have the money i prefer to baby shop
online and not ...

   I havent baby shopped in a long time, and to do it for the church
was even more gratifying.


   I swore I wasn’t going to kid shop on my night of freedom, but the
50-percent-off sale at Children’s Place pulled me like the undertow in
the ocean.

   then kid-shopped at Old Navy and got my niece's 20% discount ...


   Pick up a few extra papers if family members are known to steal
your ads (yes, it happens) or if you plan to family shop ...

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